For Whom The Bell Tolls


Not much to say about this page: had to redo the house on the first panel to make it clearer that the house was connected to the garden that the rest of the page takes place in. I also had to play with the background on the splash page to get the perspective right. Oh, and I also rewrote the ending line/lines. Similar to the collar line on page 4: I don't think I polished a turd into a diamond or anything, but if it's at least a slightly shiny turd I'll count it as a win. This comic was mostly done because I had intended to start releasing a bigger project by now but, I ran into some technical hitches with the writing. I wanted to stay in practice and I had an outline for this premise from a while ago so, I figured I'd try something with a simple setting and that is a continuing story as apposed to disjointed gag strips that kind of connect a bit but not really. Also I've been spending more time with cats lately so I had a really burning desire to express my feelings that pets are unintentional arseholes. Thanks for reading and I hope you'll be back for Jack and Tabi, or if you want more of this just let me know