(May 19th 2017)

Let It Go Part 3

Blog: Let It Go Part 3

Holy shit I'm not sick anymore; and as a result I have to do a blog post that's longer than 3 sentences and that deals with the mufti-faceted experience of being ill for a few weeks. Erm... the whole time I was wistfully remembering what it was like not to be sick and promising myself that I won't take not being sick for granted anymore. In other news I've been spectacularly unsuccessful getting script reading work from production companies. Smaller ones aren't big enough to necessitate them, bigger companies do everything in house and practically no one takes unsolicited submissions so, not really sure why contacting production companies directly was suggested to me. In conclusion I think I'm going to go with trying to do animating while having a day job. Oh, and I'm not sick anymore.

Nothing really matters.