(June 30th 2017)


Blog: Peaceful

This week has mostly been filled with looking at wacom cintiq alternatives. Given that my second monitor is on the way out as is, and that my last Ugee has lasted years without problem, I'm going to get a 2150. The only problems people seem to consistently have with them really is the glossiness of the screen, the lack of hot keys, and the pen squeaks a little until you break it in. Also I've been researching how to set up a WiiMote with keyboard shortcuts so: Ugees and bluetooth dongles have mostly made up this week. Oh and VGA switchers. Ugees, bluetooth dongles, and VGA switchers. Sorry I'm not used to actually having anything to talk about. I also had a slight script reading related problem: I was reading a writer's pilot for their new sitcom Superstore. The characters had very well defined voices but there weren't any character descriptions and the premise wasn't really properly introduced and I thankfully went on the internet and found out that Superstore is an existing sitcom about to enter it's third season... so yeah. It was entirely my fault for not properly reading the title page, but it meant that I had to re-evaluate all of my feedback so, that was fun and made me feel great about my competence. On the plus side though it at least didn't fuck up my schedule. I'm going to be working more this weekend then I'd originally planned but, that is definitely preferable to worrying that I'm not going to make deadlines. In conclusion I also saw My Life as a Courgette. It was cute and I'm going to spoiler it so stop reading if you haven't seen it and want to see it: Courgette and Camille getting adopted was a nice ending but, they're kind of going out so, if that romantic relationship crumbles when they're like 15 or something, that is going to be really fucking awkward around the house. Also Courgette holding Camille's hand while she's asleep is kinda fucked up. She can't consent to that shit bro; you wanna get out of those habits sooner rather than later.

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