(June 23rd 2017)

Day Trip

Blog: Day Trip

So unsurprisingly my concerns over getting stiffed by my new (lovely) employers were pointless. There're still a couple issues we need to iron out but, I'm not paranoid about anyone breaking off contact with me for no reason anymore so, I'd call that a plus. Let's see, what else: I took a look around my town's local art festival which made for a nice day out. It made me feel better about my own abilities as a artist. I mean all the pieces of art I saw were better than anything I could ever make but, they were also extortionately priced. I've actually got a sensible pricing system for my artwork on this comic: it's all free because no one would pay for it anyway. In conclusion it's been a pretty good week. Who knows, maybe I'll have two in a row.

Everything's coming up Milhouse.