(June 16th 2017)

Successful Friends

Blog: Successful Friends

So, this is my first week after the hectic script report month and, I have to admit, I've spent a lot of it worrying about the new people I do reports for. Basically I submitted my reports and my invoice last week and, yep, not heard anything back. So yeah, that's been fun. I've also been trying to work on outlines for various pilot type things and, only about half of those are coming together. In conclusion I'm not sure why I listed anything after "my new employers are ignoring me" because that's really all I've been thinking about and all of my negative thoughts and feelings are manifesting as a result of me worrying about these people shit canning me. The only good news is, since it's been a week of no contact, I'd say it's now officially okay for me to send a follow up email without coming off as being needy.

What's that rule? Play it cool.