(July 28th 2017)


Blog: Questions

To continue with updates of how the new tablet is going: I worked out how to get reassure sensitivity to work on Gimp, which is great. The bad news though is that afterwards it created a very large offset between the pen and the pointer. Basically gimp doesn't like dual monitors so I have to switch out monitors if I'm drawing in gimp. Not the end of the world but marginally annoying none the less. That's more or less it. Yet again, not particularly exciting chipping away at animation. I've started listening to Kirblogs while working sometimes which is pleasant. I should also probably watch TOME at some point. In conclusion this break from script reports has been nice but they will probably be starting back up again, just in time to coincide with a month when I'm either in Edinburgh or filming horses in a field so, that should be fun. I guess I should talk about the comic at least a little in these blogs: I really didn't intend for it to become such a consistent downer. I'm just trying to get more practice at characterization and storytelling in general but I should probably be trying to cut down on the amount of set up in this comic. Oh! Lastly; I learned how I can reorder my website so I don't have a billion files in my root directory. So basically it'll be easier for me to find shit and pages won't take as long to load (hopefully).

Watching the days go by.