(July 14th 2017)


Blog: Selfie

This week hasn't been all that eventful. Shocking I know. But yeah, this week has mostly been getting on with reports, chipping away at animation stuff, and planning out what Jetboy Productions needs to accomplish by the end of the year: It's mostly cleaning house and setting stuff up. Again, not super interesting... yet... I also had 2 days of horsey filming work which, for those who aren't aware, entails sitting in a field filming horses at show jumping events. It's cold and sunny so I have yet to do one without shivering my arse off and getting sun burnt. Oh well. In conclusion by next week my new graphics tablet will have turned up so hopefully the art quality will drastically improve, or at the very least the quality will stay the same but I'll be able to get it out quicker.

Faster than fast. Quicker than quick.