(July 7th 2017)

Money Minded

Blog: Money Minded

So this week I've started making sure that I'm washed and dressed and fed and can start work by 8am. So far it's going pretty well: first day I realized it was coming up to 8pm by the time I'd clocked in 8 hours so, I'm being a lot more regimented with my breaks but aside from that, it's going well. Oh, I also haven't properly factored in going to the toilet in the morning so, that's still something of a variable but, hey, we're still in Beta. Not a lot else has happened this week. It's my birthday tomorrow which is nice I guess. I've inexplicably gotten slightly sucked back into Yu-Gi-Oh. I can't remember where I saw a video on the new timelord support but, I've been playing a deck online and it's actually pretty fun. It's nice to have games that last more then 3 turns total. Timelords are very stall heavy control deck so if we could have games that last less than 5000 turns that would also be nice but, hey, beggars can't be choosers. In conclusion tomorrow I intend to play Yu-Gi-Oh and Hearthstone and get a takeaway. Family is busy with other stuff so, we can do group meals and get togethers later in the month, and I get a day to myself which is nice.

It's my party and I'll fry if I want to.