(January 13th 2017)

Do What You Love

Panel 1
John (thought): just 49 more weeks until I’m off for Christmas. Just 49 more weeks…

Panel 2
John (thought): maybe if I start sleeping more it’ll come around quicker

Panel 3
John (thought): that’d be great actually. The less I’m awake the less time I’ll spend dreading coming to work.

Panel 4
John (thought): I won’t worry about all the dumb mistakes I make at work if I’m asleep all the time

Panel 5
John (thought): can’t feel sad about having to come to work if I’m aslee…

Panel 6
John (thought): … hmm…

Panel 7
John (thought): … you know a lot of these pros also work for suicide…

Panel 8
John (thought): … I need a new job…