(February 17th 2017)

Self Employed

Blog: Self Employed

As some of you may know I do very low paid script reading. At a careers fair a few weeks ago I was advised not to try and find work through a script reading agency and instead try going straight to production companies. So after a couple hours of sifting through UK productions companies; removing all the unscripted and defunct entries, I now have my big list of production companies to harang. Although now I also need to write some script reports that I can use as samples because the format my current employers ask for doesn't really line up with industry standards. Aside from general time constraints, I've had a really hard time forcing myself to start working on these "spec" reports. At first I thought it was because having prospects is a lot nicer than actually pursuing them because, well after you start pursuing you have to start dealing with rejection and indifference. In conclusion I then remembered how much indifferent rejection I face on a regular basis and determined that after slogging through largely uninteresting scripts, the first thing you then want to do with your spare time isn't then write more script reports. On the plus side thought I've just finished up a deadline so it should be easier to find time to write up industry standard reports. A real roller coaster of emotions this week's been; I've put off work, felt bad about it and then realized it was justified somewhat but still needs to get done. Exciting stuff.

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