(August 11th 2017)

Hours Not

Blog: Hours Not

So this week's blog comes to you live from Edinburgh. I'm here for a week for the fringe and, as always, it's very fun and interesting. On the other hand though, Knights of the Frozen Throne dropped today... so this week hearthstone, next week a complete look at Edinburgh. The missions were pretty fun: took a lot longer to complete the prologue than it should've because I convinced myself that the moves I made against the Lich somehow influenced which hero I got. In conclusion turn 2 I pinged his face, turn 3 I pinged his guy on the far right and got warlock so, you tell me. Overall though the set seems interesting although it's hard to tell given the handful of games I've had in between shows. I seem to be a lot unluckier this format though. No Jones but I have had some objectively bullshit luck (crafted heroes being in bottom tenth of the deck, way past its fullness, twice in a row).

My sodium levels.