(December 1st 2017)

Customer Satisfaction

Blog: Customer Satisfaction

The theme of this week has been "creative projects for 2018". what live action stuff will I do? What animation? Would animation Pilot work better as a webcomic? All valid questions with a myriad of invalid, half answers. My general consensus at the minute is: I need to see how come things play out which is, a little frustrating as the theme for the second half of 2017 has felt a bit like "spinning wheels". Patience is a virtue I guess and it's not like there's nothing for me to be doing in the meantime so, I guess the solution is to keep busy. In conclusion just to touch on the "inspiration" for this week's comic; I have walked away from a lot of impulse buys in no small part because there wasn't a price tag and I didn't want that awkward conversation of pretending I'll think about over paying for something only to later buy it online or not at all. Shop owners that happen to be listening: I know you think hiding prices encourages customers to engage with your staff but I assure you, all you are doing is turning away the misanthropic, socially awkward demo.

Sell sell sell.