(November 17th 2017)


Blog: Anti-Lullaby

At the start of this week I took a day away from anything with a screen: no computer, no phone, no TV. I was in something of a rut and my girlfriend suggested taking a break away from all of these things which, I have to admit was very pleasant and helpful. I finished reading Persepolis, I went for a walk, I did some drawing, I resumed reading The Elements of Eloquence. Aside from it providing a nice break from constantly staring and glowing rectangles, it also reminded me how much I liked reading. I conclusion I bring this up partly because it was the only real thing of note this week, but also because you're not supposed to look at a screen or anything about an hour before you go to bed and... while I used to do this, not so much anymore so, that might have to be reinstated.

Who needs sleep.