(September 15th 2017)

Animal Rights

Blog: Animal Rights

So just to change things up a little, instead of talking about my week (which was pretty uneventful) I wanna talk a little about this specific comic. Despite it's lacking quality I actually went back and forth a lot on this one and put a lot of thought into it. Primarily because I didn't want it to come off as a heavy handed advertisement for vegetarianism. I wanted to write this comic in a way so that it wouldn't convey the message "you're a bad person if you eat meat". This was tricky though because the actual message is kind of similar: "it's odd when people get on their high horses about animal rights, when they themselves still eat meat". As a meat eater myself I wanted to convey that weird inner turmoil of both loving animals but also not wanting to stop eating bacon cheese burgers. In conclusion I think at some point I just decided that I couldn't honestly say "I love animals" while still eating them. I also clearly wasn't prepared to stop eating them so, again, I don't really think I can claim to love animals just because I melt in the presence of a dog or friendly cat.

These Korean meatballs really are the dog's bollocks.