(September 1st 2017)

Freedom Of Speech

Blog: Freedom Of Speech

So Since I covered a lot of the five year anniversary stuff last week, this week I'm going to talk about hour long, YK, TV Dramas. In short I haven't seen a lot of them. To remedy this I've been watching first episodes of a lot of highly regarded, recent series to try and get a feel for what makes a good first episode. Specifically what makes a first episode that makes audiences keep coming back. In conclusion I don't know what makes an audience keep coming back. I have noticed some recurring trends though: there'll be a teaser that established a sense of normalcy before ending on a big twist or reveal of some description. Detective shows always have to have 2 officers that are diametrically apposed. And shows about old ladies having affairs aren't as interesting as shows about looking for murderers. That last one is more of an opinion... I mean even more so than all the other points I made. Anyway, maybe I'll report more findings if I discover any other trends worth commenting on.

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