(November 25th 2016)

Black Friday

Panel 1
Sam is reading a news paper while Ed looks at his phone.
Sam: Isn’t it weird that Americans go nuts over Black Friday but in the UK no one’s really bothered?
Ed: Not really. Brits actually have some self control
Sam: If you say so…

Panel 2
Sam: Oh hey, it says here they’re going to be selling “original, not shit” versions of chocolate…

Panel 3
Sam: Original sized Terry’s chocolate oranges…

Panel 4
Sam: Original recipe Cadburry eggs…

Panel 5
Sam: Original Toblerones without “big, fuck you gaps in them”…

Panel 6

Panel 7
Sam: Ooh turkey twizzlers for a limited time only

Panel 8
Tescos covered in crime scene tape and body outlines