(June 19th 2015)


Panel 1 - Ed is looking at his phone. - Ed: Dude if you wanna lose faith in humanity just spend an hour on Kickstarter... Panel 2 - Ed: This girl wants £700 to make a gender bent Akinator cosplay... Panel 3 - Ed: This guy wants £10,000 to make a movie without having to ask his Dad for the money... Panel 4 - Ed: This one’s asking for £2000 and it just says “come on, be a pal”. Panel 5 - Ed: Seriously, when did “I don’t wanna spend my own money” become a financial circumstance? Panel 6 - Ed: Fuck it. I just wish people weren’t so greedy. Sam: Yeah... Panel 7 - Nothing happens. Panel 8 - Sam: I’d wish for infinite wishes, ‘cause then I could have a world free of material desires and a jet ski.