(December 19th 2014)


Panel 1 – Sam and Ed are sitting together - Sam: You know, a lot of people hate on psychics but, even if they are all fakes, they’re just telling sad people something to make them happy. What’s so bad about that? Panel 2 – A psychiatrist is looking at his wall of certificates and diplomas - Psychiatrist: Wow, I wasted an awful lot of time and money getting all these qualifications. Panel 3 - Psychiatrist: I sure wish someone told me that when people are deeply troubled or sad, you can just say anything to make them feel better. Panel 4 - Psychiatrist: I guess psychics have taught us that what people say doesn’t matter... And by extension what they do as a result doesn’t matter... and by more extension we live in a chaotic, inconsequential existence filled with ghosts... Panel 5 - Psychiatrist: ... all of whom seem to refuse to say “boo”.