(August 7th 2015)

Catch 22

Panel 1 - Mel sits across from an interviewer. - Mel: You know so many jobs in creative fields require experience but, then how do you get that first job? Interviewer: well quite... Panel 2 - Interviewer: Now just go into Mr Majors office there and you can start your fabulous new career. Mel: Okay. Panel 3 - Interviewer: Just make sure you don’t go in while Mr Major is in there. Mel: oh, okay so I’m alright to head in after he leaves? Panel 4 - Interviewer: Erm, no. You can’t just walk into his office if he’s out. Panel 5 - Mel: Oh... so when can i start my amazing new career? Interviewer: When he’s not there... Panel 6 - Interviewer: ... I thought we covered this?