Rain Dance

(July 3rd 2020)

Blog: Rain Dance

So I can’t remember if I mentioned my impending job change but, yeah that panned out so as of next month I’ll be in a better day job. While it might not be a job that I necessarily want to still be doing in 10 years time it’s a pretty delightful stop gap. Possibly a stop gap. Lets see I guess. But yeah, the one slight downside is the 4 weeks notice I have to give so… hopefully the next month isn’t gonna be too awkward working with the people I’m gonna be abandoning. I’m sure it’ll be fine and, to be fair, even if it isn’t then there’s a pretty finite clock on how long it’s an issue for. What else the past couple weeks? Well I’m still on a pretty big MTG kick. I made a not too scum baggy cascade suspend deck (it’s basically a reanimate sheruum, wheel of fate turbo deck)… that said I did acquire some footfalls in case copious loses push me into the scum bag side. Also I’m into my birthday week so I’ve got some nice, sorely missed family meet ups impending which’ll be lovely. In conclusion life is good.

Always look on…