Valentines day

(February 14th 2020)

Blog: Valentines Day

So since my last update the 2 big changes would be: I’ve started at a new security job, and I’ve started designing a card game. There’s not a huge amount I can say about the security job: 12 hour shifts seemed daunting at first but after getting 3 out of the way it’s surprising how quickly you get used to the long days and early starts. The people seem nice, the work seems straight forward. I think the biggest learning curve is gonna be just learning where everything is: I’m a security guard at a university and the campus is fucking huge. Oh, and it’s also really fucking cold in the UK right now: partly because of the time of year and partly because we got hit by a literal storm on my first shift so, you know… walking around outside for 3 hour chunks was fun. Aside from that though it seems fine enough. I want to stay there until at least summer because I can believe this job is lovely and invigorating when the sun is shining and the sky is clear and it’s not so cold and windy that my nipples tear through my shirt. Wishful thinking I know. Also I’m realising now that I’ve talked a lot about this job considering that at the start I said that there wasn’t a huge amount I could say about it. It’s a very stark contrast to the game I’m designing because it’s super early development days and I don’t want to say too much as most (if not all) of it is liable to change. I can probably do the broad strokes though: it’s a personal/passion project that I haven’t harangued anyone else into helping me with yet. It’s a table top card game that’s kinda like a cross between Yu-Gi-Oh and D&D. I know, how super original to just combine 2 existing games. Wanna know what’s even worse? It’s even less original than that: thinking about it it’s basically the first cyber world episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh (the 2 or 3 parter that happened after the duelist kingdom arc) the tabletop game. Actually wasn’t the whole point of Duelist Kingdom that the rules were basically like D&D? that’s why you could do creatively bullshit things like use a turtle to launch a dragon knight at a floating castle? I dunno. Also problem number 2: I haven’t even played that much D&D so… yeah, lots of challenges right off the gate before you even silently mouth the word “play testing” or “crowd funding”. That said though I am having a lot of fun designing charact6er types and “starter decks” (which would be the equivalent of pre-made characters in D&D… possibly. Like I say I’ve not played it much. I should probably get on that. Oh, in conclusion all that other stuff I was talking about is fine and I fucking adore the new Harley Quinn cartoon. It feels like a more cartoony venture bros that’s able to use licensed characters. Poison Ivy is new waifu and I couldn’t stop laughing when Dr. Psycho dropped the c-bomb mid fight and it caused the birds to fall out of the sky and the world to stop turning. Oh and it’s Valentines day today and I love my partner and I’ve tried to do it up for when she gets home from work so hopefully this new haircut doesn’t make me look like a complete prat. Partial prat is okay as it reminds her of the man she fell in love with but Complete prat is too much prat, and no one likes a Pratt… Chris… I wanted to make a Chris Pratt joke and it failed miserably. I’m gonna go back to my fake non existent cards. Bye.

You know they have names.