(January 31st 2020)

Blog: Friends

This comic almost definitely falls into the category of more depressing than funny. While the main reason for switching this comic to fortnightly from weekly and giving myself permission to take breaks when I need them, was to ensure I don’t put up what I consider to be mediocre content, I’m not gonna beat myself up too much over putting up a comic that I moments ago just admitted wasn’t funny. While I’d generously describe the punchline as mediocre, the feelings of anxiety and paranoia depicted ring true enough for me that I was willing to overlook the whole… kinda unfunny gag strip thing. Full disclosure: experiencing imposter syndrome even in social circles is something that’s become a lot more prevalent in more recent years. If I had to make an educated guess I’d say it’s because once close friends have drifted away and, instead of chalking it up to changing circumstances and the realities of growing up, my brain would rather believe it’s because I either drive people away or because I only have friends as a result of circumstance. There might be some truth in that but, hopefully it’s at least a little less true than I think it is. Even fuller disclosure I started reading the chimp paradox and am working on being kinder to myself. I was going to say I think I’ve made some good progress but given that I’ve spent most of this blog calling my own content unfunny I probably have a sizeable amount of work still to do on it. On the plus side though I’ve started doing stand up again and am pleasantly surprised by the resulting dopamine from performing. I kinda just assumed from the amount of junk food and television I consume my dopamine production was irreparably fucked but, something new everyday I guess. So yeah, in conclusion (did I used to end all my blogs with that phrase or am I misremembering?) I used to be sad and anxious but now I’m marginally less sad and anxious and will hopefully continue to reduce my sad anxiety levels. Oh, also also I started watching The Newsroom and knew I recognised the actress who played Maggie but couldn’t place it. I thought it was someone from Scott Pilgrim but it wasn’t Roxanne Ritcher or Envy Adams. I’m ashamed to say I had to look it up and boom: it was Kim Pine. Kudos to Alison Pill because those characters are night and day and I thought she played both amazingly well. I still don’t particularly like Maggie’s character though but that’s hardly her fault. Maybe I would’ve gotten it after I saw her with short red hair in season 2? Oh well.

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