Halloween Costumes

(October 25th 2013)

Blog: Halloween Costumes

So Halloween is upon us again (as it is every year, apparently) and it's surprisingly not that cold. Usually this time of yeah I'm having to wearing my overcoat to shower in, lest I die of hypothermia, but this time around I only have to wear a coat when I leave the house. In more seasonal news (stand by for the single most liberal example of the word 'news') I find myself hoping for a Halloween party of some description to crop up so that I can attend. I don't know why, costumes are fun I guess and lord knows I can count the number of social gatherings I attend on one hand after I chopped all my fingers off but, I'm not sure why I'm so partial to the idea of a Halloween Party. It's very out of character. Maybe I'm acknowledging my fundamental loneliness and I'm seeking a way to interact with new people but in a way that appeals to my detached attitude to reality. Maybe it's an off shoot of some deep seated insecurity I have about never having plans on new years eve... ever... Maybe it's because I'm still thinking about Breaking Bad and I want an excuse to dress up like Heisenberg. Actually, thinking about it, the smart money says it's probably just that. In conclusion I'm just going to cut straight to this weeks revolving sign off because I like the song it's quoting.

Werewolf Bar Mitzvah!