(September 13th 2013)

Blog: Facebook

So this is technically the first Blog post I wrote, despite it being the second page of my second year. The posts from year 1 will be/were (depending on when you read this) done retroactively, lest that konami code I made about time travel turn out to have some truth in it. So I don't do this myself but I do know of a lot of people who just have people on facebook because of the soft-core nature of the pictures they post after a night out. Again, I don't do this myself but, from what I've heard there is an undeniable connection between the explicitness of someone's photo's and how pleasant they are to talk to. Its almost as if a willingness to show estranged friends of friends pictures of yourself half naked (the percentage varies) indicates some sort of innate desire for attention. Not that I'm complaining mind you, that very character flaw is the backbone of the internet creeper way of life (or so I hear). In hindsight this comic and subsequent blog may have been a mistake seeing as it's reading a bit like an excuse I'd make to my mother if she found the magazines I keep under my mattress or learnt how to remotely access browser history. Incidentally if you're a friend of mine and you're concerned that I might view you as a facebook friend with benefits don't worry. The relationship of a facebook friend with benefits is entirely mutual, we both have a complete lack of interest in the other's life so if you have found this blog you are already too involved in my life to qualify. I have no Facebook booty calls, there is no one online who considers me a friend (or 'acquaintance bordering on stranger' if you apply non-facebook labels to a relationship) that I only communicate with in order to keep viewing them indisposed, I am not some kind of loser pervert. I simply browse people's photos for nefarious and wholly selfish reasons... by which I mean I know of people who do this kind of thing. I'm not one of them though. So in conclusion it's very bad form for someone to post revealing pictures of themselves on the internet because it doesn't paint that person in a flattering light. It is instead much better form to write a blog clumsily implying the writer to be a pervert for laughs. Sure they both give too much information about the author and can be rightly viewed by some as short sighted attention seeking but there is a big difference. Pictures of attractive people is showing off where as self deprecation is always humble and can in no way be viewed as compliment fishing.

Generic sign off!