(September 23rd 2016)

Steven Universe

Blog: Steven Universe

This week seems to have mostly been coloured by trying to get on with writing. I understand that spec writing is practical and something I need to do so that I have scripts ready to send out when competitions come up instead of constantly rushing to meet deadlines every time an opportunity comes up. The main issue though is that I'm trying to re-write something and every 2 lines I can't help but notice how I'm writing the worst thing ever. Usually I'm pretty good at plowing through first drafts but for some reason I find myself more demotivated than usual. Subsequently this is also leading me to believe that anything I do on personal projects will also be terrible and the worst. In conclusion I'm aware that I need to cowboy up and juts get on with things but that sounds like a great job for Monday Chris.

Damn you Tuesday Bojack.