(September 16th 2016)

Ever Vigilant

Blog: Ever Vigilant

So this week I'm happy to say that the previous weekends filming wasn't a complete disaster. Still need to go through all of our footage and put together an assembly edit but, from the looks of things at the minute, the footage done turned out good... touch wood. In other news I had another pitch rejected by Cartoon Hangover (emailed in a beat board as apposed to pitching over skype) and I kind of have mixed feelings about it. The only thing they said was that it wasn't the sort of thing they were looking for given their current production slate. On the one hand it's nice not to be told that the characters are too weak, story structure isn't great etc etc crying into my pillow etc but on the other hand it's not a lot to go on in terms of future submissions. In conclusion maybe that's the point. I had hoped that if they decided I was a lost cause they'd just politely ask me to stop bothering them. I dunno. In other other news still waiting for my rejection email from Nickelodeon which I was supposed to get in June so... there’s that.

Time to have a bath.