(Octover 7th 2016)


Blog: Nicknames

This week I've mostly been thinking about script reports. I try to be as impartial as possible and I always endeavor to see things from the writer's point of view. If a scene or a chunk of dialogue seems off I genuinely do my best to justify their decision. I also try not to empirically tell the writer how they could make their script better. I'll offer several suggestions for fixes and then try to sum up what the core problem they're having is. In conclusion you may have already guessed but I've read a lot of bad scripts this week. I generally don't have that much of a problem writing reports except for when I get SJW rampage films. Whenever I point out that they're not justifying character's actions or just featuring violence for the sake of violence I feel like I'm inadvertently siding with racists or rapists or H3H3. Maybe secretly I am all those deplorable things.

Humongous what?