(November 4th 2016)


Blog: Vine

This week I've thrown my hat into the card game economy ring... which is a very convoluted way of saying I brought a booster box. For the benefit of non-children's card game peeps let me explain; out of a booster box you're likely to pull 2 secret rares which are the highest rarity at the moment. 2 of the 8 possible secret rares that you can pull are more or less worth the cost of the box. There are other money cards as well but there are 2 main ones and long story marginally shorter, I pulled one of those 2 secret rares. In conclusion I'm bringing this up because immediately after I pulled it I felt happy and relieved and a little bit smug. I'm slightly concerned that this is how gambling addictions start though so, fingers crossed this doesn't awaken anything in me I guess.

Toadally awesome.