(December 16th 2016)

Waking Up

Blog: Waking Up

This week has been filled with trying and failing to learn Opentoonz. I feel I would've had more luck if Opentoonz could just not crash quite as much. It's a shame because I really thought the vector brush would speed things up and I was excited to use the same software they used to make Futurama but, alas it wasn't meant to be. In conclusion it's probably for the better that I stick with Flash. For all its shortcomings it's a piece of software that I know relatively well and, while Opentoonz might save a small amount of time overall, the fact that I'd have to learn it before I started animation on a project would probably undercut and amount of time it'd save me. Long story short; this week I learned that learning a new piece of software and animating on it takes longer than just using the software I already know. Go figure.

Time to have a bath.