(December 2nd 2016)


Panel 1
Head Protester: So it’s settled, to protest the Investigatory Powers Bill everyone will exclusively use the internet to visit one web page
Guy: Yeah but what page?

Panel 2
Guy#1: Something about this setting a precedent for invading peoples privacy?

Panel 3
Guy#2: And that this is the wrong way to go about making people accountable for their internet presence?

Panel 4
Guy#3: And how the Bill was snuck in and by the time anybody realized what was happening it was too late to do anything about it?

Panel 5
Head Protester: yeah… And we need to argue all of those points effectively and succinctly with one web page…

Panel 6
Everyone looks like they’re thinking

Panel 7
Government Head: Any change?
Government Worker: Sorry sir, everyone in the UK is still using the internet solely to visit one page

Panel 8
On the monitors is a picture of dickbutt