(August 25th 2017)

Thank You

Blog: Thank You

So, here we are after another year. Five years in total. I feel like I should have a lot more to say but, I don't... which is a little telling. I think I've mostly been doing this comic for the sake of doing it. That isn't to say I haven't enjoyed doing it, just that I haven't put as much effort into it as I really should've been (mostly in terms of the writing, depressingly this is more or less the upper limits of my abilities as an artist). Going forwards though there's going to be some changes on my end: first of all the website is getting a huge overhaul so that it actually loads quicker (hopefully). mostly though I'm going to be more active in promoting it beyond just posting to my Twitter and Facebook once a week. I'm also going to write each week's further in advance and more thoroughly plan out arcs and stuff. In conclusion I really like getting to draw and write for these characters and after doing 250 pages I've actually got just over 50 that I'm not horribly embarrassed by. Maybe this is a venture that's going to wrap up a year from now but, I should at least make a concerted effort to make it succeed if I'm going to stick with it. Oh, and thank you to everyone who reads this comic. And thanks to all the fans who avidly read this blog every week: you're the best Dad.

Go Team Venture!