(August 18th 2017)

Belt Tightening

Blog: Belt Tightening

So, first Friday back post Edinburgh and all in all, once again, the festival was really good: Mostly stand up but I also saw some mime and sketch stuff. There was only really 2 shows that bored me to tears and they were both free stand up shows I saw because we had time to fill/kill and it was better than nothing... or so we thought. I also saw Reginald D Hunter who was sporting a broken leg and did his show from a wheel chair. I though he was a little low energy on that gig but, I'd put that largely down to him being wheelchair bound. Glenn Wool was very good, a new comedian called Elanor Tiernan was good. Musician/comedian/panelist on Racey called Tamar Broadbent was very good. Most everything I saw was just very good. It's basically the same as every other year: paid shows with name recognition or that have been recommended are usually a safe bet, where as free shows could go either way. There was a lot more security and police milling around this year which was nice I guess. In conclusion for the first time I actually went up a bit of Arthur's Seat. Maybe next year I'll actually climb to the top and avoid looking over the edge or at the view.

Why don't you take a seat over there?