(September 25th 2015)

Low Battery

Panel 1 - A robot is wandering around a wasteland with a nearly empty battery gauge on its chest

Panel 2 - The robot is rummaging through a pile of junk

Panel 3 - The robot pulls out a radio with the batteries removed

Panel 4 - then a clock with the batteries removed

Panel 5 - then a remote control with its batteries removed

Panel 6 - the robot hears a can getting knocked by a figure behind him

Panel 7 - the figure was a second robot with a full battery gauge

Panel 8 - the first robot lunges after the scared looking second robot

Panel 9 - the first robot rips the battery gauge out of the second robot as it says - Robot: success!

Panel 10 - the first robot stands over the remains of the second robot and says - robot: now to commence removing my old batteries, then...

Panel 11 - ...

Panel 12 - robot: ... shit...