(September 11th 2015)

Computer Maintenance

Blog: Computer Maintenance

I’m leaving my job. I’m not nearly sociable enough to communicate with fellow human beings both professionally and sociably so something had to give. Believe me, I tried cutting out all my friends and family after I started playing hearthstone, it just doesn’t pan out. So basically my ability to juggle stuff isn’t as good as i thought it was. Also as it turns out there are 24 hours in a day... And I like to spend 18 of those sleeping so... Okay I really don’t know how to not come off as a douche here. I either sound like a work shy man child or a self appointed messiah who only has a 3 word vocabulary, “me”, “woe” and “is”. In conclusion I evidently still don’t feel confident enough to do a 9/11 joke.

Best ice cream in the multiverse.