(September 4th 2015)

Just A Cough

Blog: Just A Cough

Wow, Really didn’t think I’d make it 3 years. By which I mean the concept of “3 years after Uni” was a time span that legitimately didn’t occur to me post leaving Uni. I resolved to do the whole day job thing and try to make it on the internet in my spare time and just kinda assumed I’d get noticed and develop a following. I think that’s why I didn’t really think far ahead in any kind of mid range. Basically I daydreamed about immediate success and how cool it would be to be established further down the line but I never really gave much thought to the in between stages or, like I say, the possibility that I wouldn’t be an over night success. In conclusion I suppose what I’m getting at is, I’m the first person in history to make something on the internet and not have it be as successful as I initially wanted. Although with that being said that’s more applicable for my video based ventures, this comic has actually produced spikes in traffic way more frequently than I ever thought it would. Maybe the secret to success is little to no expectations.

Great expectations quote.