(October 30th 2015)

Schrodinger's Audience

Blog: Schrodinger's Audience

Today's been a pretty uneventful week: applied for jobs, marathoned the last half of True Detective with my Dad, tore my hair out over my Cartoon Hangover pitch. I have several different drafts of different versions in varying stages of complete...ed...ness..... meh. The long and short of it is, I seem to be having a lot of trouble writing a "day in the life" five minute pilot as all of my attempts are closer to being premise pilots which, may not be the biggest problem for shows of greater length but Cartoon Hangover seem to have a very particular tone and style that, I'm having quite a bit of trouble trying to match. I think a lot of trouble I was having was trying to have emotionally driven or otherwise more tense moments but, in a five minute cartoon aimed at 6-12 year olds? I think Iím fighting a losing battle. Plus light hearted stuff is pretty fun to write. I dunno, I think my main issue was that I was trying to set up a premise that requires a giant robot as well as a character that would have the drive to build a giant robot, then have a story that functions as a short film while still remaining open to expand into a series... In five minutes... And whilst still having time to make it character centric when all that other stuff needs to be made clear to the audience. Basically I think I'm gonna boil down the story as much as physically possible and then take it from there. In conclusion I also started watching One Punch Man, which was very easily the the best thing to happen in my life ever since Gurren Lagann.

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