(October 23rd 2015)

No Room

Blog: No Room

So this week we were getting things ready to film a fake advert for Golf Quest Mini from Steven Universe... And then subsequently filming it. It's been a little while since our last live action film but, I'm kinda surprised by just how naive we were. We decided to do a project that required filming outside as well as a very large (and somewhat expensive) prop/costume that is in a grand total of 2 shots. The rushes look promising but everyone was pretty knackered after we were finished so, there's a very real possibility that it's all terrible but no one had the mental or emotional stability to acknowledge that we all just wasted our time. I dunno, I'll update my thoughts on this a bit after we actually start editing properly. In conclusion don't film outside. Just don't do it. Nature is a bellend that tries to rain, then winds all over the place before finally deciding to just be inconsistently lit all the bloody time.

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