(October 16th 2015)

Just A Number

Panel 1:
Ed is sat next to John
Ed: hey how old are you?

Panel 2:
John (thought): ... shit, how old am I?

Panel 3:
John (thought): I haven't thought about my age since my last birthday

Panel 4:
John (thought): and it was kind of a nothing year. It wasn't a milestone like 18 or 21.

Panel 5:
John (thought): what if I still think I'm as old as I was last year? What if...

Panel 6:
Ed (eyebrow raised) and John sit in silence

Panel 7:
John: I thought I knew my age but then I started to second guess myself and now I'm not sure how old I am, but I don't think that's worth making fun of me over

Panel 8:
Ed: ...You thought wrong... Not unlike your age