(October 9th 2015)

Good Boy

Blog: Good Boy

So a short I wrote, animated etc is shortlisted for Film Northants and the award thingy is this Sunday. I know these blogs aren't exactly word smithery at its finest but, on this occasion especially, I don't really know what else to say. I would like to win and despite not really thinking about it a lot (largely due to the length of time in between getting short listed and the actually award night) now I'm actually kinda nervous. There's a video of the judges talking vaguely about the film they selected to win which now seems very cruel as I'm accountable for at least 20 of its 32 views. Sometimes I'm convinced it's my film they're talking about, other times I'm sure it's someone else. Either way it's odd finding yourself suddenly caring about something that you initially didn't give much thought to. In conclusion I'm happy with the film and I might be able to do some networking at this award thingy so, everyone's a winner.

Whatever helps you sleep at night.