(October 9th 2015)

Good Boy

Panel 1:
The owner rubs her fingers
Owner: here boy
Dog: holy shit she’s got food. That finger thingy means she’s got food that she’s gonna give to me

Panel 2:
Owner: sit
The dog sits
Dog: on it

Panel 3:
Owner: down
The dog lays down
Dog: sure

Panel 4:
Owner: paw
The dog gives a paw
Dog: seems a little excessive but, whatever. Your food smells a lot better than mine

Panel 5:
The owner reaches forward
Owner: who’s a good boy?
Dog: she’s opening her hand, what’s in it what’s in it what’s in it what’s in it what’s in it...

Panel 6:
The owner scratches the dog under the chin
Owner: who’s a good boy
Dog: oh, it was lies and disappointment... My favourite