(October 2nd 2015)

New Heights

Blog: New Heights

This has actually been somewhat of an eventful week. My computer died a little so that was fun and expensive. I'm working on props for a fake video game ad so, it's fun to be working on a filmy project again. I keep flipping back and forth on how much I like my current idea for Cartoon Hangover. I also met a lady I like. My interactions so far have been pretty minimal but she seems nice and likes anime and is exceptionally more pretty than I am handsome or wealthy or successful or interesting and suddenly I remember why I stopped trying to look for a girlfriend for a while. In conclusion I shouldn't be overly surprised that after not being particularly good at talking to women I'm interested in, and not having "practiced" for a while because I was "focusing on my career", I'm still as bad at flirting as I was like 2 years ago.

Yeah... chances.