(November 20th 2015)

Minimum Wage

Blog: Minimum Wage

So in addition to Cartoon Hangover I've also been pitching different animated shorts to different groups and, touch wood but, I'm going to be making a 3 minute short... That's somewhat animated. We're currently in what I guess you'd call the pre-pre-production phase but, not gonna lie it's a little scary. I've had deadlines for stuff before but I actually have to sign a thing saying I'll get this delivered by a certain date and there's gonna be a budget and when I was writing the idea I thought it was for 5 minutes which... Actually I have to admit might be something of a blessing in disguise. Less run time means less animation means better chance I'll be able to afford hiring someone ace to traditionally animate it to a professional level. In conclusion I'm glad to be keeping up momentum somewhat after my Film Northants win so, I guess now all I need to do is not mess it up and keep pestering people to increase the possibility of having another project lined up for when I finish this one.

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