(November 13th 2015)


Blog: Rumors

I've been drawing quite a lot this week. I got another pitch board together for Cartoon Hangover and I've been doodling stuff in general because my friend and I are looking into trying to make a game together. He's going to be programming and in charge of making a game that's fun to play and I'm going to be writing and doing character/enemy/usables art. We actually toyed with something like this a while ago, he got hyped on MUGEN and I was gonna do art for his tournament fighter but, that kinda fell by the wayside as the lack of access to a PC was proving troublesome for him. In conclusion I'm trying not to think about pitching to Cartoon Hangover again. Specifically the possibility of showing them something even worse than my last pitch.

We just screwed the pooch in front of Gideon Graves!