(November 6th 2015)

So Fetch

Blog: So Fetch

What happened this week? Well I was looking after the dogs by myself last weekend (which thinking about it, might be contributing towards my burst of inspiration for dog related comics). I've also kinda been thinking about John. You know, the guy with the hoodie who mostly communicates through thought bubbles? Well I haven't really had a lot of ideas for comics featuring him for a while. I wasn't overly happy with how the age one turned out and, to be fair, it wasn't an amazing premise to begin with but, I'm honestly having a lot of trouble trying to think of funny things for that character to do. Maybe it's because there isn't much of a character there to begin with. In conclusion I think he might fair a bit better if he had someone to play off of. I'm toying with the idea of making him the owner of the yet unnamed dog. I mean who wouldn't love a comic about a pet and his depressed owner John?

Andrew Garfield loves lasagna and hates mondays!?