(November 6th 2015)

So Fetch

Panel 1:
A Dog is happily chewing on a knotted chew toy.
Dog: I love you coloured rope tied in a knot

Panel 2:
Owner walks up to the dog
Dog: ... And whoís this?

Panel 3:
Owner keeps pulling the knot, lifting the Dog up a little as she does so 
Dog: Iím not being paranoid, you two are awfully close and it makes me uncomfortable

Panel 4:
The owner has the knot now
Dog: ... Well who saw this coming!

Panel 5:
Owner stands up with knot
Dog: Fine! Leave! Thatís what youíre best at!

Panel 6:
Owner throws the knot
Dog: Wait! I can change!

Panel 7:
Dog trotting happily with knot in his mouth
Dog: This timeíll be different, I swear...

Panel 8:
The owner starts trying to take the toy off the dog again
Dog: Home wrecker!