(May 13th 2016)

Internet Famous

Blog: Internet Famous

So this week I saw Civil War. You may not have been aware of this because the last few weeks I've been doing "topical" stuff but I thought I'd try to take a break from shamelessly trying to get views on reddit. As far as Civil War goes though, let's be honest, it just had to be better than Dawn of Justice... Which it was... So yay? In all seriousness though Civil War was pretty good. Character motivations were a little bit wonky at times and I think I would've gotten along with it a lot better if they pointed out that; although the Avengers saved lives in age of Ultron, Ultron was still basically all Tony's fault. In conclusion the more serious moments were generally well handled and the fun stuff was pretty damn fun. I didn't find it particularly tonally jarring but, that's just me.

Avengers! Assemble!