(March 18th 2016)


Blog: Skillz

So as of today my latest animated short has been completed, which is great... Probably... I haven't seen it in it's entirety yet because it has some live action footage that was edited. The point I'm getting at is, after years and years of entirely independent projects this is the first time in a while that I've had to hand off any kind of material to be worked on by someone else without me sitting in. In conclusion I think I might need to be a bit more trusting in my collaborative efforts. I've gotten ill semi recently and my friend reckons it's due to stress. I suppose on the plus side I haven't got any impending deadlines at the minute but I don't want to put off getting back into things too much seeing as that might result in me working to the wire again and making myself stressed... Again.

I just discovered Brian Butterfield and I really want to end this blog with a quote from him but that's tricky seeing as a lot of his humor comes from his pronunciation.