(June 17th 2016)


Blog: Drafting

With EU voting around the corner and gay night clubs getting shot up I really considered doing something more topical this week. I even had an idea for a comic in support of the Orlando shootings and how it was bullshit to claim that it wasn't homophobic but I decided against it. I think I felt like it would've been profiting off of a real life tragedy. I mean I believe in what I'm writing but the fact remains; it's being released at a time when it's topical because it's going to be on a lot of people's minds. If I genuinely care about the message then shouldn't I be able to release it at any time? I dunno. The other thing is Ive endeavored to keep this comic as light as possible and at the end of the day I think Id rather be the place you go to to forget about horrific acts than the place that comments on them. The reason I didn't do a political comic is a lot simpler, I don't know dick about politics. In conclusion what I do feel comfortable and reasonably knowledgeable about is writing, so I did a comic about writing.

Write what you know.