(January 15th 2016)

Procrastination Part 1

Blog: Procrastination Part 1

This has definitely been a week of snowballing deadlines. I'm not sure why but I've just had a lot of trouble actually getting up and working on certain projects. I think it's because I've maybe swung a bit too far when trying not to get my hopes up about applying for stuff. You want to brace yourself for failure but in doing so you kill any enthusiasm you once had for a project. After you've told yourself for the millionth time "you probably won't get this" it's hard not to have an attitude of "what's the point?" I've not completely screwed myself as of yet but I certainly could've made things a lot easier for future me. I guess the only upside is I have an easier time getting on with stuff when there's a fire gently roasting by posterior so, hopefully I'll be able to get back on track. In conclusion, it's also really bloody cold. I know I was just blaming my lack of productivity on a feeling of hopelessness but it's still worth mentioning; I have a hard time leaping out of bed in the morning and cracking on when I'm constantly yawning just to try and warm up or nursing a migraine from being confined to a small, overly stuffy room.

It's getting hot in here.