(January 8th 2016)

Free Software Installation Guide

Blog: Free Software Installation Guide

This week seems to have been filled with a lot of anxious waiting for replies. I emailed re-drafts of scripts to people and sent off my first proper batch of script reports and, yeah... Basically I didn't get replies back within the first 10 minutes so my immediate thought process was: they're not going to get back to me. I'll wait and wait and this'll just end up being the last correspondence I ever have with them and I'll constantly be wondering what I could've said in my last message that made them decide that they never wanted to talk to me ever again. In conclusion internet dating might have had more of a lasting effect on me than I originally thought. Also everyone got back to me within a reasonable time so maybe my new years resolution should've been "be less of a negative Nelly".

You gotta snap out of it Debbie.